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Understand Your Legal Options For On-The-Job Injury Claims

Most Indiana employees understand that the workers’ compensation system is available to provide income security and cover medical expenses in the event of an accident at work. Fewer employees understand the relationship between the workers’ compensation system and the personal injury litigation process, however.

At Scott Law Office and Mediation Center in Kokomo, attorney Mark A. Scott can explain your legal options in the aftermath of an accident at work. He can review the facts relating to your injury and its causes to see whether you should look to a defendant other than your own company for compensation.

Personal Injury Damages Cover A Wider Range Of Losses Than Workers’ Comp

If there’s a good chance of establishing that the negligence of someone unrelated to your employer played an important role in your accident, attorney Scott will aggressively pursue your personal injury claim against that third party. Examples of the kinds of work-related injuries that often support a claim for personal injury damages include:

  • Construction site accidents caused by the negligence of a property owner, materials supplier or contractor other than the one for whom you work
  • Truck accidents and other commercial vehicle crashes caused by another driver’s negligence
  • Accidents suffered offsite during delivery, installation, repair or maintenance operations on commercial or residential property
  • Manufacturing or assembly accidents caused by defective machinery or equipment

In many situations, you can collect workers’ compensation while pursuing your personal injury damages claims against one or more third-party defendants. While a workers’ compensation insurer can recover some of the benefits paid out on a qualified claim from a personal injury settlement or jury award, a recovery of negligence damages in a personal injury lawsuit will still usually result in a greater payout overall to an injured worker.

Learn More About Your Options Today

Do not miss your chance to get the relief you need and deserve. Find out more about your legal remedies for a life-changing accident at work by contacting Scott Law Office and Mediation Center online. You may also call 765-450-9837 for a free consultation.