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Damages Claims For Injuries Caused By Defective Products

Product manufacturers and distributors are responsible for making sure that the products they release into the consumer market are reasonably safe for their intended uses. However, when a product causes injury or death, it is up to the injured party to prove that problems with the design or production of the product caused the injury and the defendant knew or should have known of the risks.

At Scott Law Office and Mediation Center in Kokomo, attorney Mark A. Scott represents people who have been injured by dangerous or defective products at home or work. These claims can usually depend on expert analysis and testimony to establish the responsibility of the defendant manufacturer or distributor. His extensive experience with the development and presentation of evidence on complex or technical issues can help you determine whether you have a viable case, and it can also give you an advantage toward proving your right to compensation.

Common Defective Product Claims That Mark Scott Handles

Whether the problem in your product liability case concerns a design defect, a manufacturing defect or a negligent failure to warn of known risks, attorney Scott can advise you about your rights and pursue your damages claims. He handles a wide variety of product liability claims including those involving:

  • Power tools
  • Medical products and devices
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Farm machinery
  • Consumer and household products

Our ability to investigate and present product defect cases can add significant value to a workplace accident claim because personal injury damages typically cover a wider range of losses than workers’ compensation.

Do You Have A Viable Claim?

Contact Scott Law Office and Mediation Center by calling 765-450-9837 or by sending the firm an online case inquiry. Attorney Scott will offer you detailed advice regarding your options as well as address any concerns you may have at all times throughout your case.