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Proving Dog Bite Claims In Indiana

It has been rightfully said that dogs are man’s best friend, but when an irresponsible dog owner fails to properly restrain or control a dog, the injuries and disfigurement that a dog can inflict can be horrible. When an unprovoked dog bite occurs, you need an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in dog bite litigation. At Scott Law Office and Mediation Center, founding attorney Mark A. Scott thoroughly investigates dog bite cases and builds strong claims for his clients.

Dog bite cases are much more complicated than they appear. In Indiana, there are three basic ways to establish liability against the owner of a dog that has bitten someone without provocation. These are:

  • Prove that the dog previously demonstrated vicious or dangerous tendencies of which the owner was aware
  • Prove under premises liability law that the animal created an unreasonably dangerous condition on the owner’s property and the owner was – or should have been – aware of it
  • Prove that the owner’s failure to properly restrain or control the dog violated state or local animal control statutes or ordinances

At Scott Law Office and Mediation Center, attorney Scott often brings claims based on more than one of the liability theories mentioned above. He also pays careful attention to the damages his clients have sustained and seeks fair compensation for their injuries. In a severe dog attack, deep tissue trauma can result in significant scarring, infection and nerve damage that may require multiple surgical procedures and prolonged medical care. Attorney Scott understands the medical and emotional damages associated with a dog attack, and, when necessary, he enlists the assistance of experts to prove the full nature and extent of those injuries.

Reaching Insurance Coverage Beyond The Dog Owner

One problem frequently encountered by attorneys in dog bite cases is when the dog’s owner does not have insurance to cover the damages caused by an attack. When this occurs, and if the dog’s owner keeps the dog on a rental property, under certain circumstances, you may be able to pursue damages against the landlord for injuries caused by a tenant’s dog. Attorney Scott has extensive experience with these cases, and he has even authored and lectured on this topic.

Take Legal Action After A Severe Or Fatal Dog Attack

Attorney Scott will take a resourceful approach to your dog bite claim to help you prove liability and seek the compensation necessary for your recovery. Contact him today for a free consultation during which he can assess your opportunity to obtain compensation. Call Scott Law Office and Mediation Center in Kokomo at 765-450-9837 or fill out the firm’s contact form to begin discussing your options. Do not hesitate to learn how you can pursue justice after a dog attack.