Recovering Damages In Your Truck Accident Case

When a semi truck collides with a car, the end result is often catastrophic injury or death. Smaller vehicles stand no chance against larger trucks where there is no time for the larger vehicle to stop. These accidents are almost always life-changing, and the injuries that result may never fully heal.

These cases frequently require the assistance of experts from many fields to establish liability, develop evidence about the nature and extent of your injuries, and the requirement for ongoing medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation or adaptive technology at home. Scott Law Office and Mediation Center in Kokomo has helped many individuals injured in Indiana in trucking accidents, as well as families who have lost loved ones in deadly collisions.

How We Can Help With Your Claim

At our firm, our lawyers know how to meet the special challenges of damage claims involving collisions with semi trucks and other commercial vehicles. We review your case to determine the responsible parties, and also the extent of injuries you have suffered. We design and implement a thorough approach that holds those responsible for the damages resulting in your case.

We understand how to effectively investigate truck accidents on several different levels, including:

  • The factors that caused the crash
  • The different ownership and contractual relationships that relate to the truck and its operation
  • The various federal safety regulations that apply to the operation, maintenance and inspection of these vehicle

Truck accident litigation is also characterized by tough defense tactics by experienced insurance attorneys. Our attorneys have more than three decades of combined legal experience handling these difficult and often-tragic cases, and we know what it takes to prove truck accident claims over determined opposition.

Receive Strong Legal Counsel For Your Case

To learn more about the ways you can protect your rights in a truck accident claim, contact our Kokomo law firm for a free preliminary consultation. We are available by phone at 765-450-9837 or through our website.