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Parents concerned about teens riding with distracted drivers

Indiana parents always want their children to be safe when they reach their teen years and are given the responsibilities inherent with getting a driver's license. Part of that is riding with other teens who are also new drivers. It is natural to be concerned about the dangers on the road. Many of these are due to teen behaviors behind the wheel including being distracted drivers. New research shows how concerned parents are with distraction and other possible risks. If there is a motor vehicle accident with injuries and fatalities, thinking about legal help is important.

In a new poll, more than 50 percent of parents across the nation admit they believe their teen has been a passenger in a vehicle with another teen who was distracted behind the wheel. While cellphones are considered the most prevalent source for distraction and was mentioned by 42 percent, there are others. That includes 46 percent who were fearful of loud music and 39 percent who believed other teens served as a distraction. Going beyond distraction, speeding was cited by 45 percent; drowsy driving by 14 percent; and impairment by 5 percent.

Can your child pass a school bus safety test?

With early work and school start times, parents and students rush through fall mornings. For many busy families, the school bus makes these mornings go much more smoothly, and your child is 70% more likely to arrive safely on the bus than if you were to drive them yourself.

But does your child know the rules of school bus safety?

Driving safety negatively affected by drivers running red lights

One of the most dangerous things a driver can do is running a red light. This is a rising problem in Indiana and across the nation. Since drivers are functioning under the reasonable assumption that other drivers will adhere to the basic rules of the road, going through a red light can cause a collision with injuries and fatalities. Research is assessing this problem and people who have been affected by this kind of auto accident should be aware of the steps necessary to pursue a legal filing.

A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that red light violations and accompanying fatal auto accidents are on the rise. The latest statistics available are from 2017. In that year, there were 939 deaths after drivers ran through a red light. This is the most in 10 years.

Motor vehicle accident involving police car injures 4

When Indiana residents first get their driver licenses, there are certain safety procedures that are repeated over and over to make certain they are fully grasped and integrated. The basics, like stopping at red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, using turn indicators and more, are simple enough. Adhering to them will exponentially improve safety. Others should also be obvious, but when failing to follow them, it can cause a motor vehicle accident.

When there is a law enforcement vehicle or other emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens activated, failure to be aware of the surroundings and not moving to the side to give these vehicles the room to get by can cause a crash. Since these vehicles will need to go through red lights and make other risky maneuvers, it is essential to watch for them. When there is an accident with an emergency vehicle, it can result in serious injuries and death. This type of accident happened recently, and four people were hurt because of it.

Driving safety concerns sparks school bus route change

Reducing car accidents in Indiana is a primary concern of lawmakers, law enforcement and administrators. When there are risks on the road -- especially to children -- actions will inevitably be taken. Despite the best intentions and oversight as to potential risks, it is unfortunate that serious injuries and wrongful death incidents will take place and change people's lives. Keeping track of adjustments that are made to improve safety is wise in multiple ways.

Interstate 70 is known for the prevalence of serious accidents. That has sparked a school district to prohibit its buses from traveling on that roadway. The district is requiring its athletic teams to use different interstate roads to get to events in the central area of Indiana. In addition, the school is not letting its buses take the road for daily back-and-forth. The director of communications for the school stated that news reports as to the risks on that specific road led to the decision. Even though it will likely take longer for its teams to travel to competitions, this is deemed a small price for improved safety. Other bus routes will be analyzed, and there is the chance for more changes.

Advanced tech in new vehicles can lead to distracted drivers

Drivers in Indiana and across the nation can take advantage of the improved technology in vehicles in myriad ways. These advancements are meant to make the roads safer and give drivers peace of mind. Still, as with any improvements, there are always adjustments that must be made. For those who were concerned about distracted drivers, the infotainment systems that are in most new vehicles were designed to reduce the tendency and need for people to continually reach for their smartphone when behind the wheel. Even if it has done that, it has created a new batch of problems, especially for older drivers. This should be considered after motor vehicle accidents.

According to research from the AAA Foundation, the systems themselves are causing a distraction. Although their intent is to let drivers worry about driving, using them is worrisome. The driver often needs to remove his or her eyes from the road to operate it for minor tasks, like checking navigation or adjusting the radio.

Scooting along to danger

When it comes to scooters, it appears our grandmothers were right.

"It's all good fun until somebody gets hurt." 

Accidents involving electric scooters have been steadily on the rise in recent years with more than 1545 accidents reported this last year. Scooters are a popular rental option for both locals and tourists alike to see the city without having to be concerned about traffic congestion. 

Rise in serious injuries and deaths linked to ride sharing

Ride sharing has become popular in Indiana and across the U.S. With the advent of Uber and Lyft, it has become trendy to leave the car at home, forget about public transportation and simply press a button on a smartphone to have a vehicle pick up its passengers and take them to their destination. Even though there are obvious benefits to this, there are always caveats with technological and practical advancement.

A recent study indicates that there has been a rise in traffic and traffic fatalities that has coincided with ride sharing. People who are on the road should be aware of this for safety and to avoid serious injuries and wrongful death due to a ride share. In fact, a study from the University of Chicago says there was an estimated 3 percent increase in fatal auto accidents and fatal accidents in general.

Turning vehicle causes motorcycle accident, injuring rider

Indiana has many motorcyclists on its roadways. It is expected that drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will pay close attention to motorcycles and share the road to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, there are drivers who do not watch for riders, are negligent, reckless, function as a distracted driver and make other errors leading to a motorcycle accident. Since riders have such little protection, there can be serious injuries and death from such a crash. Even when the injuries initially do not appear serious, there can still be long-term damage. Considering a legal filing is a wise step to be fully protected against every eventuality.

A 69-year-old motorcyclist was injured when his bike collided with a truck. The accident happened when the vehicle's driver, a 73-year-old woman, turned in front of the man's bike. The rider tried to swerve to avoid the truck, but could not. He was thrown off the motorcycle. Emergency crews came to the scene. The man's injuries were not considered life-threatening, but he was taken to the hospital via for treatment. The investigation is continuing.

Summer means more teen drivers and motor vehicle accident risk

Indiana teens will inevitably look forward to the summer when they can drive from one place to another. However, there are inherent risks with teen drivers as they generally lack the experience and understanding of what it takes to be safe on the road. Statistically, the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day is considered the riskiest for teen drivers and has sparked the designation of "100 Deadliest Days." For those who are on the road with young drivers, it is important to understand the increased danger.

According to AAA, the past five years have been particularly deadly for people on the road in the 100 Deadliest Days. Almost 3,500 people have lost their lives in accidents with teen drivers. National statistics say that 260 teens lose their lives in accidents for every month of the summer. That is a rise of 26 percent from the months in the rest of the year. Research indicates that most fatal accidents stem from distracted drivers.

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