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School bus accidents often due to drivers ignoring "stop arm"

Indiana parents place their children on a school bus every day during the school year. They do so with the belief they are putting their children in a safe environment to get them back and forth to their destinations. While this is understandable, there are growing concerns about whether those who share the road with school buses are adhering to the law.

3 ways to improve safety when traveling near semitrailers

Any type of vehicle crash can be dangerous, but crashes between semitrailers and smaller vehicles can be particularly devastating, especially for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. While this is partially because of the size difference between semitrailers and passenger vehicles, the ground clearance of both vehicles also contributes to the severity of this type of crash.

Vehicle detection systems for driving safety might be ineffective

While there are many dangers on the road in Indiana and across the nation, carmakers are avidly seeking methods to improve driving safety for drivers and those who share the road with them. That includes pedestrians and others who are not in a passenger vehicle. Features such as warnings and automatic braking are increasingly being added to new vehicles. This is viewed as an advancement, but like most advancements when they are in their infancy, it takes some time to perfect. People who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident should understand recent research into these innovations.

Parents concerned about teens riding with distracted drivers

Indiana parents always want their children to be safe when they reach their teen years and are given the responsibilities inherent with getting a driver's license. Part of that is riding with other teens who are also new drivers. It is natural to be concerned about the dangers on the road. Many of these are due to teen behaviors behind the wheel including being distracted drivers. New research shows how concerned parents are with distraction and other possible risks. If there is a motor vehicle accident with injuries and fatalities, thinking about legal help is important.

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