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2 common types of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | motorcycle accidents

As the summer approaches, there is an increasing number of motorcycles on the road. Motorcyclists have as much right as any other road user to remain safe while traveling. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles can occur and it is usually the motorcyclists who face the most severe injuries.

Recognizing the most common causes of motorcycle accidents could increase safety awareness. Here are two types of motorcycle accidents that occur frequently.

1. Left-turn incidents

The reality is that the small and narrow stature of motorcycles makes them difficult to spot, particularly in the blind spots of other vehicles. Left-turn motorcycle accidents occur when a vehicle turns left and strikes a motorcycle as a result.

Left-turn accidents often happen at intersections and while a vehicle is in the process of overtaking. It is essential that drivers always check their mirrors before going through an intersection or making a left-hand turn.

2. Lane-changing accidents

It is often necessary for vehicles, including motorcycles, to change lanes. This can help maintain the free flow of traffic. Nonetheless, lane changing can be hazardous for motorcyclists, both when the motorcycle is changing lanes and when another vehicle is changing lanes.

It is essential that all vehicles utilize turn signals to alert other road users before performing a lane change. Again, the importance of checking and double-checking mirrors before changing lanes cannot be overstated.

A motorcycle crash has the potential to be fatal, and even those who survive may have serious injuries and extensive medical bills. Personal injury compensation cannot undo the accident, but it can provide financial relief. By seeking legal guidance, you can find out if you have a legitimate claim.