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What makes Autumn a dangerous time to drive?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | car accidents

The autumn in Indiana can be quite beautiful. Cooler weather means steaming beverages in the morning and fall colors on the roads all around the state. However, those out for an autumn color tour should engage in a little extra caution.

The fall season features some unique traffic hazards that can lead to major collisions if motorists aren’t careful. These are a few of the main safety concerns unique to the autumn months.

Fallen leaves

The beautiful colored leaves on the deciduous trees near the road will soon become dangerous leaf litter in the street. Those leaves can make it harder for people to stop and turn their vehicles. They can also cover up other hazards, like potholes or broken glass in the street that might disable a vehicle.

Animal activity

Getting ready for the winter requires a lot of work, and animals all over the state will be more active than usual in the weeks leading up to the winter. When animals cross the road, they can get hit by vehicles or force people to swerve, which might lead to even worse crashes.

Changing light levels

The days start getting noticeably shorter as the temperatures get colder, which means that more people will be on the road when there are low-light conditions. Additionally, the slanting rays of sun that often looks so golden on autumn afternoons can cause serious glare, particularly if people don’t wear sunglasses while driving.

Parties and pedestrians

The back-to-school season may see wild celebrations hosted by college students and even high schoolers. Football games and other social events during the fall may lead to excess drinking and then drunk driving. When Halloween arrives, there will be hundreds of pedestrians flooding the streets all over, many of whom may not carefully follow traffic rules.

Colder weather and precipitation are also concerns. People may need to adjust the air pressure in their tires and start winterizing their vehicles. They may also need to adjust their morning routine so that they have more time to drive in case of rain or frost on the roads. Learning about the unique seasonal hazards present on the roads in the fall may help people drive more safely as the seasons change.