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2 ways high summer heat can cause motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | car accidents

Most people look forward to the summer when they can enjoy more outdoor activities with family and friends. Indiana summers are loved by many, but they can wreak havoc on the roadways, possibly leading to more motor vehicle accidents.

Since staying off the roads is likely out of the question, knowing the risks of driving in the heat may help you avoid a catastrophe. What you learn can improve your summer driving, and it could help you spot unsafe behaviors on the part of other motorists.

Road surface conditions

High temperatures can cause all types of road surfaces to change, often dangerously.

The concrete used for highways may expand and collide in the heat, causing the surface to buckle upwards or bulge. It can also cause road surfaces to break apart, creating deep grooves to navigate. Asphalt roadways change in a different but equally dangerous way in hot weather. Heat may soften the road surface, resulting in weather-related erosion, potholes and deep tire track depressions.

Problems with tires

Did you know that tire failures are responsible for over 30,000 vehicle crashes annually in America, sometimes resulting in severe injuries?

Since hot air expands, improperly inflated or previously damaged tires have an increased risk of exploding (blowout) during the hot months. Experts warn against underinflating tires in the summer, which may seem like a logical remedy. Instead, keep your tires inflated per industry standards or slightly overinflated to prevent a blowout.

Remember that other drivers might not understand these accident risks and fail to drive safely in hazardous conditions. If another’s negligence involves you in an accident and you are injured, legal guidance may fill a vital role in obtaining fair compensation.