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3 safety concerns that make pools as dangerous as they are fun

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

A pool in the yard can be a source of summertime fun for the children in the family. Parents and grandparents are often happy to accept the expense and work involved in maintaining a pool because they want the children in the family to have a cool summer without constantly needing to make trips to the local pool or the beach.

Unfortunately, while pools are absolutely one of the most popular sources of summer fun, they are also a major potential safety hazard. A home swimming pool is such a safety concern that most insurance companies require a large fence and will charge a significant premium to insure homes with pools that are not properly secured from public access. What factors make swimming pools such a significant safety concern?

The risk of drowning

Some experts will highlight how children can drown even in the shallowest of swimming pools, like the inflatable kiddy pools people put in their yards for toddlers. All it takes are a few moments of rough play or distraction on the part of the adult supervising for a swimming session to turn tragic. Making sure that the pool is properly visible and that there is adult supervision at all times will be crucial for the safety of those enjoying the pool.

Water sanitation

It takes a lot of chlorine to keep a pool clear and blue, and many people opine that chlorinated water damages their hair and dries out their skin. Some pool owners will use less chlorine than manufacturers recommend in the hopes of protecting their skin or hair, possibly without realizing that they are exposing themselves and any visitors to dangerous pathogens by doing so. Especially when people inhale water or drink it from the pool, which is common with younger children who have fewer swimming skills, swimming pools can potentially lead to many different kinds of dangerous infections.

Filtration and pump systems

The filtration system that moves the water through a pool and filters it is, obviously, key to swimmer safety. However, it is also a major source of swimmer risk. Children, in particular, may find the whirlpools and bubbles created by the water outlets and intakes attached to the pump system very attractive, but they can cause both physical injury and sometimes drowning incidents.

Those with pools generally need to engage in appropriate security and maintenance efforts for the protection of everyone in their families and any visitors accessing their pools. When people get hurt in pools, the owner is often liable. Pursuing a premises liability claim, often via a homeowner’s insurance coverage, may be a necessary step for those who have been injured while trying to cool off in a swimming pool.