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Unsecured truck cargo can be deadly

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2022 | trucking accidents

When a truck’s load is not well secured, it is a recipe for disaster. A lot could go wrong, from the driver losing control of the truck to the cargo falling off, putting the general public at risk.

Despite the regulations stipulating how trucking companies or truck loaders should secure cargo during transportation, accidents involving unsecured cargo still occur. In most cases, standard car occupants and other road users bear the brunt of accidents caused by unsecured loads on trucks.

Common accidents caused by unsecured cargo

Loosely secured cargo can cause accidents in several ways. First, it could shift as the truck is in transit or when the driver brakes, causing the trucker to lose control. A jackknife accident is a real possibility in such a scenario.

Hazardous material such as chemicals could also spill on the road or leak if it is not well secured. It could result in a fire or chemical burns, not to mention the adverse effects on the environment and the surrounding community.

Debris from loosely secured cargo also poses a danger to other road users. When debris weighing tonnes falls on a small car, it can easily decimate the vehicle and everyone inside.

It all boils down to negligence

When a truckload is not well secured, someone is accountable. It could be the driver, the trucking company or an independent contractor responsible for loading and securing the truck’s cargo.

Understanding your legal rights and the steps you need to take in getting compensation is crucial if you or a loved one suffered injuries from a truck accident caused by loosely secured cargo.