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Staying safe while driving in wintry precipitation

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | car accidents

The winter and early spring months have a risk of wintry precipitation in this area. Making sure you’re driving with this in mind can help you to remain safe until you reach your destination. Of course, this also depends on the others drivers who are sharing the road with you.

The slippery roads can lead to drivers losing control, so everyone needs to allow for plenty of space on the road. This is especially true when starting and stopping because stopping distance is increased and it may take longer to get moving from a stop. Consider these other tips as you head out on the wintry roads:

Plan your route

Try to drive on main roads as much as possible if you have to get out when it’s snowy or icy. Main roads are usually plowed and treated before secondary roads. It’s a good idea to check road conditions before you leave to find out if there are any wrecks or other events you should be aware of.

Leave yourself plenty of travel time

Never try to leave at the last minute when it’s snowing outside. Instead, give yourself extra time to make it to the destination. It’s better to arrive early and have to wait than it is to have to try to rush on the way there.

Prepare your vehicle

Your vehicle has to be in proper condition to handle winter roads. You need to ensure the tires have proper tread, the lights are working correctly and the brakes are fully functional. It’s also a good idea to put an emergency kit in the vehicle that contains things you may need if you’re stranded because of the wintry weather. This includes supplies like bottled water, flares, sand or kitty litter, jumper cables and a shovel.

Beware of foggy conditions

As if the slick road surfaces weren’t enough to deal with, you also have to contend with foggy conditions during the winter months. Use your fog lights if your vehicle is equipped and make sure you take your time when you’re driving. Always use low-beam lights in foggy conditions because high-beam lights can cause a glare.

Anyone who’s struck by a negligent driver should ensure they get the medical care they need for their injuries. Seeking compensation is possible in these cases, but your time is limited by Indiana law so you must act quickly. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases can help you streamline the process.