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Recreational water park hazards can lead to injuries, deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | wrongful death

A fun way to beat the summertime heat is to visit a water park. They offer an affordable way for families to spend hot weekends while keeping cool.

Kokomo features several water parks. Most of them are relatively safe when visitors follow the rules. However, there are several hazards and injury risks to consider when visiting a water park.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Minor lacerations and bruises are usually no big deal and often occur at water parks. For example, visitors will probably scape an elbow or knee on a water slide. 

Three examples of real incidents that resulted in injury or death at U.S. water parks include:

  1. A rider suffered death by decapitation while using a water slide in a Kansas park.
  2. A water slide called the Banzai Pipeline collapsed at Waterworld USA, injuring 32 and killing one.
  3. Over an 18-year span, the infamous Action Park in New Jersey saw several deaths and a plethora of severe injuries incurred on its water attractions. A string of injury lawsuits led to its inevitable demise.

Indiana park accidents

In 2021, one woman went to a hospital for a lower back injury after using a water slide at Holiday World in Indiana. In 2018, a girl was left in critical condition after her rescue from a wave pool at the Deep River Waterpark in Northeast Indiana.

If you lost a loved one or suffered devastating injuries at an Indiana water park, consider pursuing an injury or wrongful death claim. When the consumers that utilize parks seek a legal solution for their harm, it calls attention to the hazards a park might contain. Complaints and legal claims help regulators identify risks and make changes that could keep these parks safer.