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The size of commercial trucks presents unique dangers

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | trucking accidents

No one wants to get into a crash with a commercial truck. Their massive size means that they can cause truly catastrophic damage to other vehicles, and you probably make a major effort to give them plenty of space on the road.

Commercial trucks dwarf even the tallest SUV or truck. The major size discrepancy between a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle is the reason why commercial trucks can cause particularly devastating crashes, such as underride collisions. Understanding how underride collisions occur can help you avoid these wrecks.

Underride crashes occur because trucks are so tall

When motor vehicle collisions occur between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, the result is sometimes that the smaller vehicle goes under the truck. The difference in size between the commercial truck and the passenger vehicle is the main reason that these underride crashes unfold the way that they do.

Whether the driver of a passenger vehicle hits a truck from behind and slides underneath or ends up slipping under the trailer between the axles from the side, the vehicle will be damaged severely, and the occupants might suffer fatal injuries.

Who is responsible for underride collisions?

Establishing fault for trucking crashes is often complex. The driver involved may be partially responsible for making a bad decision at the wheel. Their employer could also be partially to blame if they installed improper or inadequate underride guards. Manufacturers who make mediocre guards could also have some liability.

Insurance claims and even civil lawsuits may be possible for those affected by an underride collision. Knowing your rights after a trucking crash will assist you in limiting the lasting impact of that collision.