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Driving safely around motorcyclists in Indiana

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | motorcycle accidents

You decided to buy a motorcycle because it was so much more convenient for you. Since buying your cycle, you have realized that driving it when it is cold or wet is not such a hot idea.

Another danger on your motorcycle revolves around car and truck drivers — they just don’t see you on the road.

Most car-motorcycle collisions are caused by car drivers

For several reasons, motorcyclists suffer more severe injuries than the driver of a car may suffer in a collision. As a motorcyclist, you are driving out in the open. You have no vehicle frame to protect you from the physical force of an accident.

More often than not, the car driver may be at fault if they strike a motorcyclist. They may not have been paying enough attention to what was happening around them.

Common injuries a motorcyclist may suffer after being hit by a car

Because you are literally in the open as you drive on a city street or a highway, you are more at risk of severe injuries after being hit by a car. These include:

  • Disabling injuries to your limbs, feet, hands, shoulders or hips
  • Fractures to your back, head, neck, limbs, shoulders or hips
  • Spinal cord or brain injuries
  • Severe injuries leading to your death

Use safety precautions 

Vehicle drivers do everyone on the road a favor by being attentive to other vehicles and motorcycles. When car drivers take actions such as checking blind spots, maintaining their lane and using turn signals, they help you to protect yourself.

Just checking their blind spots may allow a car driver to give you more space as they change lanes. Signaling ahead of time may also help. It’s a group effort to stay safe. Driving – and life – is a team sport!