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How to prepare your car for the winter

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | car accidents

In Indiana, road users are exposed to numerous hazards all year round. However, the winter months bring with them several unique challenges. For example, rainfall may be higher, making it easier to lose traction on road surfaces. Furthermore, visibility might be restricted due to fog, snowfall, and a lack of daylight.

While such hazards may be out of your control, there are ways to ready yourself for them. A few simple, cost-effective measures could greatly increase your safety. Outlined below are some key methods of preparing your car for the winter.

Double-check your battery

Throughout the colder months, you may be utilizing aspects of your vehicle that require more power than usual. For example, you are likely to be using your headlights more often as well as the heating system. This can take its toll on the battery, and if the source of power is faulty, your car could break down. Braking down on a roadway in winter with no means of getting started again may lead to a road traffic accident.

Maintain your tires

The tires on your vehicle play an essential role in both steering and slowing down. Consequently, it is worth paying particular attention to their condition. As well as checking the available tread, you may also want to check the pressures regularly, as tires tend to deflate in colder atmospheres. 

Ensure that your lights are clean and working

Your headlights and signals are going to be increasingly important in keeping you safe during winter. Visibility tends to be impaired by the darkness and weather associated with the winter months, both in terms of your ability to see others and their ability to see you. Checking your lights before embarking on your journey is highly advisable.  

Although some accidents are unavoidable, there are preventative measures available to you. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, remember that you have legal rights.