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Why are booster seats so important for child safety?

| Oct 25, 2021 | car accidents

Car seats are important for a child’s safety from the moment you bring them home from the hospital. However, although most parents understand how crucial a child seat is for an infant or a toddler, once their children outgrow a standard child seat with full restraints, they may just let their children buckle up and sit directly on the seat.

The problem with this approach is that it leaves children vulnerable for years if a crash occurs. According to government recommendations, children who are not yet at least four feet and nine inches tall should continue to use booster seats.

Safety features focus on keeping adults safe

The design of most safety restraints, including seat belts, focuses on protecting full-size adult occupants. The positioning and function of the restraints work best for an adult. Children might slip out of their seat belts in a high-speed collision if they are not tall or heavy enough. It’s also possible that the restraints could cause injuries to the child. 

Children have to be able to fit into the car seats properly for the restraints to work. They will need a booster seat until they can sit with their back against the seat and their knees comfortably bent over the front edge with the shoulder belt in the middle of their chest. 

Putting smaller children into a booster seat helps ensure that they reach their destination safely and that, if there is a crash, the systems intended to protect them functioning appropriately. Learning more about reducing your risk in a car crash can help keep the people you love a little safer.