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Fall season road safety tips

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | car accidents

Fall weather can change quite fast. If you are on the road, it is essential to pay close attention to your environment since a change in weather can increase the risk factor of a crash. Extreme weather will require you to be fully alert behind the wheel. For instance, your visibility may be reduced by rainy weather, while crosswinds may affect your car’s steering.

It is, therefore, necessary to be on the lookout this fall whenever you are hitting the road. Below are some handy tips that may help ensure your safety.

Avoid driving on leaves

Driving on leaves, especially in wet weather, is not advisable. They may hide potholes or other hazards that you would have otherwise avoided. In addition, leaves may prevent making a timely stop since your car’s wheels will likely skid over them. If you have to drive over leaves, lower your speed to decrease the chances of anything going wrong.

Watch out for children

Be vigilant on the road and watch out for children. Fall season means that school is in session, so there may be an increased presence of children outside. Be keen and avoid any forms of distractions that may take your eyes off the road.

Be prepared for bright sunlight and other changes in the weather

Having a pair of sunglasses in your car may be helpful if the sun gets too bright, affecting your visibility. It can be challenging to see the road ahead when the sun is too bright, and the glare can cause a crash if you are not careful. You should also prepare for any changes in the weather, especially if you are going on a long trip. It will help you plan for the conditions ahead.

Be prepared for any situation

There is more to road safety, including the actions by other road users. As such, it is crucial to be prepared for any eventualities. Having your emergency contacts at hand may be a good place to start. Should you find yourself in an accident, it is worthwhile to know the steps to take and ensure that the responsible party is held liable. It may go a long way when it comes to getting compensated for your injuries.