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Femur fractures in high-impact collisions

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | car accidents

Some of the worst car accidents in Indiana end with the victim suffering a femur fracture. It takes a lot to fracture the femur, which goes from the hip to the knee and is the body’s strongest bone. If you happened to fracture it in a crash, this was likely not the only injury you suffered.

Where the fracture could occur

A crash will usually fracture the shaft of the femur or the distal end, which is the end that connects to the knee joint. The latter type of injury is called a knee fracture. The femur may also fracture at the neck, in which case it’s a hip fracture. Elderly people with fragile bones are more likely to experience this type of fracture.

Injuries that accompany the fracture

As bad as a femur fracture is, it’s the accompanying injuries that can sometimes threaten your life. If the femur protrudes from the skin, the wound could become infected. You could rupture your blood vessels or tear muscles and ligaments.

Medical treatments for femur fractures

In most cases, victims who fracture their femur won’t be let off with just a cast and crutches. The bone may be shattered and displaced, in which case they would need surgery where metal rods and screws are inserted to reattach the pieces and straighten the bone.

What to do after a serious car accident

Even after a fracture has healed, you may have to undergo rehabilitative therapy and take pain medications. Car accidents can lead to these expenses — expenses that you should not have to shoulder on your own if you were not at fault. With a personal injury claim, you could hold the other driver responsible and, if successful, be compensated for all your losses. A lawyer can help you file the claim and navigate settlement negotiations.