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Truck drivers are strictly prohibited from texting while driving

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | trucking accidents

Truck accidents can be catastrophic for victims and their families which is why protections are in place to protect victims from distracted truck drivers. Federal laws prevent truck drivers from texting while driving and negligent truck drivers can face serious penalties and consequences, including civil liability, for the damages suffered by victims.

Texting while driving and the use of hand-held mobile phones is restricted for truck drivers while driving. This is because of how dangerous texting while driving is. Research commissioned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revealed that the chances of a safety-critical event increased by 23.2 times for truck drivers who are texting while driving when compared to truck drivers who did not text while driving. Truck drivers who are texting while driving are removing their eyes from the roadway for an average of 4.6 seconds which is the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour.

What is considered texting while driving includes entering a text or reading a text into an electronic device. In addition, what is considered texting while driving is not limited to what is generally considered texting while driving and also includes emailing, instant messaging, accessing web pages, pressing greater than one button to initiate or terminate a phone call and some other types of communication as well.

Texting while driving rules for truck drivers are aimed at keeping the public safe but, when a truck accident has taken place, it is essential for truck accident victims to be aware of the protections available to them. Legal protections can help truck accident victims hold a negligent truck driver who was driving while distracted accountable and help provide relief for their damages suffered at the hands of the truck driver.