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Turning vehicle causes motorcycle accident, injuring rider

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | motorcycle accidents

Indiana has many motorcyclists on its roadways. It is expected that drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will pay close attention to motorcycles and share the road to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, there are drivers who do not watch for riders, are negligent, reckless, function as a distracted driver and make other errors leading to a motorcycle accident. Since riders have such little protection, there can be serious injuries and death from such a crash. Even when the injuries initially do not appear serious, there can still be long-term damage. Considering a legal filing is a wise step to be fully protected against every eventuality.

A 69-year-old motorcyclist was injured when his bike collided with a truck. The accident happened when the vehicle’s driver, a 73-year-old woman, turned in front of the man’s bike. The rider tried to swerve to avoid the truck, but could not. He was thrown off the motorcycle. Emergency crews came to the scene. The man’s injuries were not considered life-threatening, but he was taken to the hospital via for treatment. The investigation is continuing.

Even when motorcyclists are wearing a helmet and top-tier protection, they can still suffer major injuries when they are in a crash. A head injury, spinal cord damage, amputation, broken bones, cuts and more can come about. These injuries can lead to a long hospitalization, the need for extensive medical procedures, long-term treatment and the inability to return to normal and work. If there is a fatality, the family left behind must consider how they will move forward with the unexpected loss of a loved one. To cover for all that was lost, it is wise to think about a legal filing. This can be imperative to garner evidence and take the necessary steps for a successful claim.

A woman driving a truck turned into the path of a motorcyclist who was unable to avoid a collision. Although the rider’s injuries were not said to be severe, that does not mean he will not deal with possible problems as he recovers. Medical expenses and lost time on the job are just two considerations. Contacting a law firm that understands all aspects of a legal filing after a motorcycle accident can provide information on how to proceed to gain compensation.