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Why is drowsiness a driving danger?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | car accidents

One of the biggest driving dangers is drunkenness. A drunk driver is negligent of other people’s safety. Alcohol can cause a driver to lose focus of the road, fail to make stops at lights and signs, poorly judge the distance between vehicles and violate traffic laws. That being said, drunk driving is not the only driving danger. In fact, drowsy driving may be just as dangerous as drunkenness. 

Anyone can become drowsy while driving. Drowsiness can happen because a driver had a poor night’s rest or if they had a long day at work. Some medications and medical conditions can also cause drowsiness. Drowsiness can even occur because a driver has been on a long stretch without stopping. 

Drowsy driving is a larger danger than many people realize. Yet, it is often hard to gather data on the number of drowsy driving accidents because signs of drowsiness are not usually identifiable after a crash. That should not mean drivers should ignore the signs of tiredness while driving. Here are a few things drivers can do if they’re feeling tired while behind the wheel:

How to combat sleepiness while driving  

Ideally, when someone feels drowsy while driving, the best thing to do is pull over as soon as possible and find a place to get some sleep. If that’s not possible, other short-term solutions include:

  • Drink coffee or energy drinks
  • Find a place to take a break
  • Stretch and walk around

Drivers can also head drowsiness off by doing some careful pre-planning before they start out on the road. That means getting enough sleep the night before a trip, checking prescription side-effects and making sure that they avoid alcohol or any drugs that cause sedation. 

Many people suffer severe injuries because another driver was tired or fell asleep behind the wheel. Victims can seek legal routes to receive compensation for their losses.