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2 rider mistakes that cause many motorcycle wrecks

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | motorcycle accidents

Many collisions involving motorcycles and larger vehicles occur because of something that the driver in the four-wheeled does. People in larger vehicles tend to be overconfident and inclined to make serious mistakes in traffic, including driving without paying attention to their surroundings. 

Those on motorcycles cannot force other drivers to be attentive or to operate their vehicles with care. Therefore, they cannot eliminate the possibility that someone else will hit them in traffic. However, they can intentionally avoid the two driving decisions that have the strongest association with motorcyclist-caused collisions. 

1. Alcohol consumption

Enjoying alcohol before driving is always dangerous, but it can be particularly concerning for those in control of a motorcycle. The tiniest error could send someone off of their bike, which is why alcohol has such a strong correlation with fatal motorcycle collisions. Those who focus on staying sober and give themselves plenty of time between drinking and riding home will have an easier time avoiding motorcycle coalitions. 

2. Excessive speed

There are two ways in which someone’s speed can be excessive. They may drive far faster than the posted speed limit for a road, or the above what would be given the circle. Speeding is a major risk on motorcycles, as the thrill of the ride can push people into unsafe behaviors. 

When those on motorcycles understand how to prioritize their own safety, they can minimize their risk of a crash while simultaneously reducing the chance that they would be liable for any wreck that does occur. Learning more about the top causes of motorcycle collisions may help motorcycle riders stay a bit safer in traffic.