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Staying safe as a pedestrian now that spring is sprung

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | car accidents

Winter has finally worn itself out, and the long-awaited start of spring is being welcomed throughout the Midwest. If you’re eager to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, you’re certainly not alone. It is simply important to keep a few tips in mind so that you can better ensure that you arrive back home unharmed.

Although winter is widely associated with slip-and-fall injuries due to the presence of snow and ice, spring can be just as hazardous for pedestrians. Slick surfaces, half-melted ice and snow, uneven surfaces that may still yet be partially visible, and a host of other hazards tend to affect the safety of sidewalks and crosswalks alike.

Additionally, drivers who are eager to operate their vehicles without having to think about avoiding ice and snow may be unusually distracted, even if they aren’t looking at any technology or eating a sandwich as they roll along. As a result, being especially vigilant concerning your surroundings will be paramount when it comes to surfaces and fellow travelers.

Tips to keep in mind

As you enjoy the springtime, keep the following proactive approaches in mind:

  • If you encounter ice and you’re not wearing slip-resistant shoes, shuffle along it to better keep your balance
  • Don’t take the condition of sidewalks for granted – glance down regularly to spot uneven pavement and slick spots
  • Don’t take the attentiveness of drivers for granted – make sure to double-check that cars have stopped before crossing the street

Even if you take all of these tips to heart, know that you could still suffer harm that has nothing to do with your approach. If you end up suffering harm due to a property owner’s negligence or a motorist’s negligence, know that you may be entitled to compensation. You can seek legal guidance to clarify your rights and options at any time.