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How to prepare your car after the winter

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | car accidents

It’s vital to have a professional check your vehicle after winter. This is because winter’s harsh elements can take a toll on it, decreasing your level of safety while on the road. Thus, it will be best to ensure your vehicle is ready for springtime.

Here is how you can prepare.

Wash your car

Undoubtedly, you should wash your car frequently in all seasons. However, after winter, this can be different as you will be washing off salt and sand. It will help to take your vehicle to a professional car wash because they have needed tools and cleaning agents.

Check your tires

The potholes and ice-filled roads of winter can cause scratches, dents, cracks and loss of traction on your tires. Thus, you should check them for such signs, alignment and pressure. Some people have all-season tires, which can transform from winter to spring without significant issues. However, if you don’t or your tires are damaged, it will help to change them.

Check your battery

Your battery’s power may weaken during winter because cold temperatures can slow down the chemical reaction that most batteries depend on to work. Thus, you should check and test your battery for spring.

Check fluid levels

Cold temperatures can cause your vehicle’s fluids to become thicker and more viscous, which means they may not move freely. You need to check your fluid levels and refill or change them.

Examine your wiper blades

Winter elements can wear your wiper blades, causing them to crack or become brittle. This can affect their functionality, which is dangerous since it rains in springtime. You need to repair or replace your wiper blades if they have damage.

These tips can help you drive safely during spring. If you are injured by another driver during this season, it will help to learn more about the options available to you.