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5 tips for driving safely during spring

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | car accidents

Spring season is associated with varying temperatures, from highs to lows. Drivers should be careful in severe weather, but it’s vital to pay much attention during Spring due to temperature changes to avoid accidents.

The following are five tips for driving safely in springtime:

Pay attention to ice on the road

The chances are not all ice is gone, especially at the beginning of Spring. Thus, watch out for it and leftover sand and salt because they can affect your driving. It will be best to drive slowly when you can’t avoid roads with remnants.  

Avoid potholes

Winter can be harmful to roads, leading to potholes. You should avoid them and when you can’t, drive slowly over them to minimize impact. In addition, avoid puddles, as they may be covering potholes. 

Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians

Warm temperatures encourage more people to go outside. The roads will have more cyclists and pedestrians than during winter. You should drive carefully to keep them safe. This is also crucial when driving around neighborhoods as more children will be out playing.

Be prepared for the rain

During spring, you may leave the house when it’s warm and be in the middle of heavy rains when running errands. Thus, you should be prepared. Ensure your wiper blades are in good shape, as they may have been damaged by snow and ice. Repair or replace them when need be. Further, consider driving in the middle lanes to avoid puddles as they tend to move on the sides.

Observing these tips can keep you safe on the road in springtime. If you are injured by another driver, you should learn more about your case to get the compensation you deserve.