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What are your rights when your child gets hurt at daycare?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

Parents often feel the strain of needing to choose between their careers and time with their children. They probably need the income of two parents to support the household, which means that the children will be in day care, possibly from their third or fourth month of life.

You expect that day care providers will keep your child safe and help them grow both academically and socially. Not every day care facility or provider will meet those expectations. Every year, hundreds of children suffer noteworthy injuries while at professional child care facilities.

What rights do you have as a parent with a child if they got hurt at day care?

You could file an insurance claim

Day care providers typically need to have insurance coverage for their businesses. That insurance covers expenses like the emergency health care your child requires because they fell off of a swing and broke their arm.

In scenarios where the person providing child care is not a licensed and insured professional but a friend or family member, their renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance will typically include premises liability protection. Child care injuries and deaths are more common in home-based care facilities.

Their coverage will pay for injuries your child suffers while in their care or at their property.

You could potentially file a lawsuit

Sometimes, the cause of a child’s injury is not rough play with other kids or their poor spatial awareness. In some cases, an injury is a by-product of neglect or even caregiver abuse. If understaffing meant there was no one to supervise your child, the child care provider could have been negligent in their supervision of your child, which opens them up to a personal injury claim. If they were abusive toward your child, their violation of the law can also give you the grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Child injuries can be much more expensive than similar injuries in adults. Broken bones may require more intervention because they can affect how someone grows, while cuts or burns could cause lasting disfigurement without the right here.

Looking into the rules for a personal injury claim when your child gets hurt in the care of another will make it easier for you to get them the support they need for a full recovery.