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Factors to consider when choosing your next motorcycle helmet

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | motorcycle accidents

Although wearing a helmet is not compulsory for those aged 18 or over, many riders in Indiana still choose to do so. Helmets have been shown to offer significant protection and can mean the difference between a fatal injury and survival.

It isn’t as simple as just selecting the first helmet that jumps out at you though, there are numerous choices that vary in their effectiveness. How do you know if a helmet is right for you? Outlined below are some factors to consider when choosing your next motorcycle helmet.

Helmet condition

There are a number of helmets available for sale as second-hand purchases. These are often much cheaper than you would pay to acquire them straight from the shelf. However, you have to ask yourself why they are cheaper. They are cheaper because they have been used. What do you know about the history of a second-hand helmet? Has it been in an accident before? There is a potential that a second-hand helmet is damaged, and if the structural integrity of a helmet is compromised, it will offer you little in terms of protection.

Helmet accreditation

Even if you opt for a brand new helmet, the quality of these items can vary. It is in your best interests to acquire a helmet that is officially certified. Ask the staff in-store if the headgear is DOT or ECE certified. If you are purchasing online, the seller should still have all of this information at hand. If your helmet is certified by these bodies, this means that it has been approved for safe use both in the U.S. and EU regions.

Before committing to the purchase of the helmet, you need to make sure it fits comfortably and offers you full protection. In the unfortunate event that you have ended up in a road collision, make sure you are familiar with your legal rights in Indiana.