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Kids and boating safety: What parents should know

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | trucking accidents

Boaters have to be safe if those aboard their vessel are to be transported safely. Unfortunately, boats have the potential to flood, capsize, break down or get into crashes with others if they’re not maintained or are driven incorrectly. 

It’s a good idea for everyone aboard a boat to understand how it works as well as to be aware of what you can do to stay safer while boating. This includes children.

Did you know that kids can drive boats in Indiana?

As long as a 15-year-old child has completed the IDNR boater education course and has an ID, they are able to operate a boat with over 10 horsepower. What some people don’t realize is that children under 15 may be able to legally drive powered boats too, just as long as the motor is under 9.9 horsepower. 

This is why it’s vital to talk to your kids about boating safely. Talk to them about wearing a life jacket each and every time they go out on the water. It’s also a good idea for all people, young or old, to take a boating course approved by the state. This kind, of course, teaches people about who has the right of way on the water, the requirements for lighting on the boat at night and other rules that make for a safer day out.

What can you do if you’re injured by a negligent boater?

If someone is hit on the water because another boater isn’t paying attention, hasn’t given the appropriate right of way or has otherwise violated the law, then the collision could be very serious. Regardless of their age, every boater has a responsibility to