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It’s tornado season: Take these steps to stay safe and avoid a crash

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | car accidents

It’s tornado season, and that means that there will be heavy storms, hail, funnel clouds and the occasional tornado to watch out for. These somewhat rare natural events are frightening even when you have time to get to a basement or lower level, but what about if you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle?

If you’re in your vehicle, you need to take clear steps to get out of harm’s way. Here’s what you should do if you see a bad storm or tornado heading your direction.

When there is a tornado that’s far away, follow these tips

If you see a tornado that is far away but approaching, you should change your course as soon as it safe to do, given traffic and other real-time events. Drive toward a shelter when you see one. Remember to watch for other drivers who are not paying attention or who are speeding to avoid the storm.

A place such as a truck stop or restaurant may have a safe place to wait out the storm. Hopefully, if you go far enough out of the storm’s path, you won’t be in the direct line of the twister, either.

When the tornado is approaching, follow these tips

When the tornado is approaching you, there may be debris, high winds and a risk of causing or getting into a car crash. Keep your seat belt on until you can find a ditch or low spot to get into. If you find a ditch or area to hide in, get as far away from your vehicle as possible to prevent injuries from glass or metal.

These are some tips to help you if you’re in the path of a tornado this summer. Be safe, and you can help prevent crashes during serious weather events.