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5 summer-specific driving dangers

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | car accidents

As you emerge from an Indiana winter getting out in your vehicle becomes more pleasant. There are no icy roads or snowfall to worry about, and you do not need to wait until your windscreen clears before setting off.


You might assume that driving in summer is much safer than in winter. However, summer brings a new set of dangers to the state’s roads.


Summer behaviors can make the roads a hazardous place


Here are some of the reasons you need to take extra care when driving in the sunshine:


1.     Alcohol or marijuana: People socialize more in summer. They might meet at a bar for drinks after work or go to a friend’s for a BBQ with beers. Many then get in their cars and drive.


2.     Classic vehicles: Many people have one car they use as a daily runabout and another they only bring out in summer. The second vehicle is often from a different era and only emerges from the garage in summer. Lack of usage and age could lead to mechanical failures.


3.     Summer attitude: Few people drive along singing with the windows down in mid-winter. Yet it is a frequent sight in summer. People who are enjoying themselves and living in the moment might not be paying attention to the road.


4.     Thunderstorms: Dry summer roads can become hazardous in an instant when the clouds break. Accumulated oil can make the surface greasy, and water can pool before it has a chance to escape down blocked drainage channels.


5.     More traffic: More people head out for a weekend drive when the summer comes. More children play out on the streets, and more people use their bicycles. Not only are there more potential hazards to avoid, but there are more moving objects that could hit you. The increased traffic can cause congestion leading to frustrated drivers doing dangerous things.


Being aware of the dangers of summer roads is not always enough. Another drivers’ action could still take you by surprise and injure you. Investigating all factors that contributed to a vehicle crash is crucial to your claim for compensation.