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Does cold weather make the road riskier for truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | car accidents

Cold weather poses a risk for all drivers in Indiana, but for a commercial truck driver, a slick road could mean a life-and-death situation. Even experienced truck drivers are more likely to get in an accident during the winter season.

Why do truck accidents increase during the winter?

In general, car accidents increase during the winter because of poor weather conditions. However, truck drivers find it even more difficult to navigate through slick and icy roads. When driving a truck, it takes more power to stop the vehicle at a moment’s notice. The truck could easily slide off the road or plow into the vehicle in front.

Driving a truck becomes even more dangerous if a driver is hauling several tons of cargo. The harsh winds could blow the cargo off the truck, causing a road hazard. If the wind is strong enough, it could even make the truck swerve or tip over. Additionally, if a commercial driver gets into an accident while driving a cargo truck, the cargo could fall off and cause even more damage.

Trucks also take a lot of wear and tear while they’re on the road. Some truckers push their vehicles to the limit, increasing their risk of accidents and malfunctions. Whatever the case, you should talk to a car accident attorney if you get into an accident with a commercial truck.

When should you hire an attorney for your case?

You might not need an attorney if you’re dealing with a minor accident with no injuries. However, you should think about hiring an attorney if you’re facing serious injuries and a large insurance claim. An attorney may manage your case and help you ensure that you get a fair settlement for your injuries.