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Severity of rear blind spots for car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | car accidents

Most motorists in Indiana are familiar with the blind spots that occur just outside the rear-view mirrors of their cars. These blind spots prevent drivers from seeing other vehicles on the road and add to the risk of accidents. Blind spots in rear-view mirrors are also responsible for countless accidents that include injuries and fatalities to pedestrians and bicyclists. The good news is that the risk of rear-end accidents resulting from blind spots is lessened when drivers can identify and deal with these risks.

Car accidents resulting from a blind spot are likely when both cars are moving. The following driving situations are especially dangerous for drivers who are not mindful of blind spots:

  • Intersections
  • Lane changes
  • Oncoming traffic
  • Backing up your car

Driving practices that reduce blind spot risks

The first thing you can do to decrease the risk of car accidents that result from blind spots is to make sure your mirrors are adjusted properly. It is a natural tendency for drivers to position their rear-view mirrors in a way that allows them to see the back of their car. However, it is best to move the mirror’s view away from the car a bit to see approaching cars in adjacent lanes. Mirrors positioned in this manner allow drivers to view cars in their rear-view mirrors until the car is beside them. The driver can then use their peripheral vision to continue monitoring the vehicle.

Inexperienced drivers may find it difficult to refrain from turning their heads and looking over their shoulders at advancing cars. However, drivers should rely on their rear-view mirrors to spot potential hazards behind them. This driving habit becomes easier with time and practice.

Accidents caused by rear blind spots can change the lives of the people involved in the blink of an eye. Accident victims in search of the compensation they need to facilitate their recovery may benefit from a consultation with a personal injury attorney.