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How drivers in Indiana can protect children in school zones

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | car accidents

Studies have shown that most children who die in pedestrian accidents are hit while walking to school or getting off the school bus. Waiting for children to cross the street can be a nuisance, but it’s important for people to respect the laws to reduce the risk of accidents. No matter where they are, drivers should always give the children the right of way and wait until everyone has safely crossed before advancing their vehicle.

How can people reduce the risk of accidents in school zones?

To reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents in school zones, drivers should always follow the speed limit. They should look out for children while driving through the school zone even if they don’t see anyone on the school grounds. If children do walk in front of their vehicle, they should never honk at them to frighten them as that can just cause chaos and make the crosswalk even more congested.

Additionally, drivers should never try to pass a vehicle that stopped to let children cross. If they do, they might end up hitting a child who was trying to walk across the street. Drivers should always stop when they see a crossing guard with a stop sign and make sure the entire road is clear before moving forward. Drivers should also be cautious when they’re passing through places where children might be present, including school grounds, playgrounds and residential areas.

How can individuals seek compensation after an accident?

An individual may have a valid personal injury claim if they’ve suffered from a car accident, large truck accident, construction accident or another incident that caused injury or disability. They might wish to hire an attorney to handle their case and help them file for compensation.