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Car accident injuries and how they are treated

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | car accidents

Around 7,000 people are injured every day in Indiana and across the U.S. as a result of car accidents, and the injuries they suffer can be wide-ranging in terms of location and severity. Below are a few of the most common injuries and how they are usually treated.

Injuries to the head and face

Crash victims may incur head trauma when their head hits against a window, the windshield, the roof or the steering wheel. The consequences of this will be headaches, nausea, dizziness and neck pain. Doctors will most likely determine that victims have suffered a concussion and will order victims to rest. If the injury led to bleeding under the skull, surgery will be required.

Hitting some part of the vehicle may also damage the face, including the skin, teeth and bone. Anything from stitches to surgery will be in order in cases like this.

Whiplash and spinal cord injuries

Whiplash is a frequently occurring neck injury where the sudden snapping back and forth of the head stretches or tears the neck muscles. Doctors may prescribe pain medications, but if whiplash leads to vertebral injuries, they will recommend surgery. Disc herniation is another spinal injury that arises in car accidents. For back pain in general, one may get by with pain relievers, but if the pain persists, chiropractic care may be in order.

What accident victims can do afterwards

You may pursue a personal injury case as long as the majority of the fault in the crash you were in lies on the other side. Indiana follows the 51% rule, and you may want a lawyer to assess your case in light of this rule. The lawyer may do more; he or she may help you gather evidence against the defendant and negotiate for a fair settlement out of court.