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AEB and other safety features beneficial to truck drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | trucking accidents

The benefits of automatic emergency braking, and of advanced driver assistance systems in general, are becoming more and more clear to truck fleets in Indiana and across the U.S. Out of the new heavy-duty vehicles being sold today, somewhere between 45% and 50% come with AEB as per the specifications of each fleet.

The purpose of AEB and ADAS

AEB is a feature that usually comes with forward and rear collision warning. The warning system alerts drivers to an impending crash, and the AEB kicks in if drivers do not brake in time. AEB and collision warning are part of a larger system called the ADAS, which also consists of features like:

• Adaptive cruise control
• Blind-spot alert
• Traffic-sign recognition
• Intelligent adaptive headlights

The safety benefits of ADAS

One Arkansas-based fleet added AEB and forward collision warning on 98% of its tractors and eventually saw a 50% reduction in rear-end collisions. Even when it could not avert the crash, it significantly lessened the severity of it, leading to shorter equipment downtime and lower driver turnover rates.

Still, technology is only meant to enhance the skills of the driver, and the driver must be competent to begin with. Truckers must be well-trained on defensive driving, or the technology will not help. In fact, wonders of the technology could lead some to become complacent behind the wheel.

For those injured by an unsafe trucker

When trucking accidents occur because the trucker was distracted, drowsy or negligent in some other way, victims may have a chance at recovering damages. According to Indiana’s modified comparative negligence law, plaintiffs have a valid case as long as they were deemed less than 51% at fault for the crash. To see how your case would fare, consider scheduling a legal evaluation. A lawyer may be helpful during negotiations, too.