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There’s a relationship between turn signals and traffic safety

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | car accidents

The traffic laws in Indiana require drivers to use turn signals. A turn signal is more than a courtesy; it provides an alert to other drivers. Failure to use a turn signal could lead to a car accident. Surprisingly, so could choosing a less than preferable illumination color for the signal.

In 2008, a study produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pointed out that vehicles with red turn signals are more likely to suffer a rear-end collision than ones with amber turn signals. The color orange also presented a noticeable reduction in accident risks. Perhaps red is not the most optimal color for visibility.

The study noted that changing the turn signal colors may improve safety even when not changing anything else. That is, changing colors on the rear blinkers displayed improvements even while keeping the taillight casing the same.

Modern cars come with many advanced safety features. Cross-traffic alerts, collision warnings and more lend assists to drivers. Still, drivers may need to take additional steps to improve safety. Changing red turn signals to amber ones could provide benefits.

Switching red signals to amber or orange ones does not require extensive mechanical work. In general, the process is fairly straightforward and inexpensive. Regardless, there’s no mandate that drivers make any changes. Untold numbers of drivers probably have no idea changing the light color would potentially improve safety. No wide-scale promotional campaigns appear to be raising awareness about the information.

Even with the recommended turn signals installed, drivers could cause accidents due to recklessness. Failure to use a turn signal, in particular, might cause a car collision. Anyone injured by a negligent driver may speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a lawsuit. The attorney might review the case and determine a possible litigation approach.