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Rural roads come with their own dangers for drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | car accidents

The urban roads of Indiana can be hectic and dangerous, but drivers should not think that they are any safer on country roads. These come with their own safety hazards, such as the reduced visibility caused by the lack of street lights and the danger of having farm animals and wildlife appear on the road.

Most rural roads are two lanes, and both the lanes and shoulders tend to be narrow, making it hard to pass a vehicle. Drivers who are not careful about staying in their lane may get in a head-on collision or run off the road completely and into a ditch. These dangers, of course, can be navigated safely if only drivers were aware of them.

A greater threat is posed, however, by those drivers who take advantage of their isolated position in the countryside to drive recklessly. Many speed and even drive under the influence of alcohol, thinking the police will never catch them. Others may neglect their safety by not wearing their seatbelt.

Defensive driving is all-important on both urban and rural roads. If drivers are negligent, they may be in a crash and have to wait a long time until help arrives. Rural areas are usually far from any hospitals, so it’s not surprising that most fatal accidents occur in them.

Most car accidents occur as a result of negligence, which is the failure to keep one’s self and other road users safe. Whether drivers were acting recklessly or had a car that was not properly maintained, they may be held liable for any losses incurred by the other side in a crash. It’s normally a good idea for victims who intend to file a claim to see a lawyer, though, since attaining a reasonable amount in damages can be difficult.