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Driving safety concerns sparks school bus route change

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | car accidents

Reducing car accidents in Indiana is a primary concern of lawmakers, law enforcement and administrators. When there are risks on the road — especially to children — actions will inevitably be taken. Despite the best intentions and oversight as to potential risks, it is unfortunate that serious injuries and wrongful death incidents will take place and change people’s lives. Keeping track of adjustments that are made to improve safety is wise in multiple ways.

Interstate 70 is known for the prevalence of serious accidents. That has sparked a school district to prohibit its buses from traveling on that roadway. The district is requiring its athletic teams to use different interstate roads to get to events in the central area of Indiana. In addition, the school is not letting its buses take the road for daily back-and-forth. The director of communications for the school stated that news reports as to the risks on that specific road led to the decision. Even though it will likely take longer for its teams to travel to competitions, this is deemed a small price for improved safety. Other bus routes will be analyzed, and there is the chance for more changes.

Public safety is paramount when people are on the road. Although vigilance is critical and attempts to improve safety are done with good intentions, there will still be dangers regardless of the steps taken. Distracted drivers, reckless drivers, drivers who are under the influence — all are possible causes of motor vehicle crashes.

When there is an accident, there can be serious injuries and death with all the issues that accompany such an unfortunate occurrence. There can be medical expenses, lost income, lost companionship and the financial and emotional problems.

A study determined that I-70 is too dangerous for a school district to be comfortable allowing its students to be transported on it. They have now implemented a policy preventing its buses from using that road. This is not an uncommon decision and should be factored in when people take to that or any other roadway.